Three Young Players from our Band take Principal chairs in the National Youth Band and win awards!

Joe Atkinson

2nd Trombone

Joe started learning the trombone at 8. He played at Blackley Band for 4 years, then briefly at Farnworth and Walkden for 4 months and joined Wingates in October 2019. He has also played with the Black Dyke Youth Trombone Quartet and The National Youth Band of Great Britain.

Oliver Atherton

Bass Trombone

Oliver had been playing bass trombone for 5 years and played with the Eccleston brass band before joining Wingates. He said “Brett Baker asking me to join the Black Dyke Youth Trombone Quartet and having lessons with Mark Frost really helped my development”. He joined the National Childrenโ€™s Brass Band of Great Britain as a mentor and then The National Youth Band for the last 6 courses 4 of them on Principal Bass Trombone.

Will Sloane

Eb Tuba

Will has been playing Tuba for 10 years, the majority of the time at Bolton Music Service and the Greater Manchester Hub, with help from Toby Hobson and Richard Broomhead. He successfully auditioned for the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain in 2017, where he has been every year since. In the last (online) course Will won he Tom Atkinson Award for Most Promising Tuba Player




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