Wingates Band History

The Wingates Band has an illustrious history and the Management committee are well aware of the burdon of responsibility that rests on their shoulders as they strive to keep this World Famous Band functioning properly for this and future generations ESPECIALLY with the recent added burden of dealing with having no income for 2 years because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Bills for the bandroom still have to be paid and this has been indeed an unprecedented and difficult time for all concerned with this Famous Institution.

However we are a determined bunch and were having online “Zoom” meetings most weeks to keep a sense of togetherness in the band and the committee is working non stop to find ways that we can survive and keep serving our loyal public.

As we emerge from the dark times it is with all this in mind that we would like to announce our all new


(Firstly let’s say this: If you are an existing Supporters Club Member paying a yearly subscription then if you wish you can stay exactly as you are and nothing need change apart from the fact that you are going to get 3 TIMES the value. Should you want to change to the new system then you can simply cancel your existing Direct Debit payment and rejoin using the button below BUT you don’t have to – it’s all good!  👍)

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For people who would love to support the band but don’t yet we would like to offer you a £2.50 per person Monthly Subscription to The Wingates Band Supporters Subscription Club

What this involves:

  • Very Easily You click one of the buttons on this page to start a £2.50 per month or £5 per couple subscription to The Wingates Band Supporters Club. (This can be instantly cancelled at any time) – You will need either a Credit or Debit Card or a PayPal account.

Once you’ve done this (five minutes or less) – PayPal will simply take £2.50 every month from your Bank Account (or credit card).

Whats in it for you?

It’s lovely that you care enough to want to help Wingates Band survive BUT the band wants to do more than just thank you (and we don’t want you to EVER cancel) so..

  • We will do 2 Exclusive Supporters Club concerts per year (starting as soon as the pandemic and restrictions will allow)
  • Every current Supporters Club Member will be sent a link to download a ticket (no charge) and a no charge guest ticket for each concert
  • We will send you a Quarterly Newsletter by email

So for £2.50 per month in return for supporting the Band there will be 2 Exclusive Supporters Club Concerts a year + the quarterly Wingates Band Newsletter.

We think (and hope you agree) that this is amazing value so we hope you will subscribe and get as many or your friends and family to subscribe too – and at the same time make a real postive contribution to the future of Wingates Brass Band and enjoy 2 EXCLUSIVE Subscriber Concerts every year included in your membership.

Important: Tickets will NOT be on general sale for The Supporters Club Concerts.

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**please wait to let PayPal redirect you back to our website after the transaction to sign up to the Supporters Club email group.