The band put an awful lot of work in in and arrived in Blackpool on the 23rd of February ready to put on a good performance and feeling quite confident. Then during the pre contest rehearsal we got the draw result. We had been drawn NUMBER ONE!!!

There are obviously plusses and minuses to this. An obvious plus is that we didn’t need to hang around all day waiting to play but the slight minus is that in brass band competitions it does seem a lot harder to win from position number one.

Anyway the band put on a really good performance and set the standard for the rest of the bands to match. The players were receiving compliments all day for our performance!

The results came in and when Leyland band were announced in sixth everybody got a little excited. Wingates band were then announced 4th place and the top 3 were Rainford, Fairey and the winners Fodens.

Congratulations to all the bands – there were many great performances on the day of what was a very difficult and exposed piece. From position number one we were pleased with our result and the way we are viewing it is “Onwards and Upwards” – we are competing at the very top level and can’t wait for our next competition which is the Grand Shield Section of the British Open (CLICK to see details on our events page)


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