As soon as the Covid-19 lockdown allows we will be looking to strengthen our team with by welcoming:

  • 2 Cornet Players – 1 front row 1 back row

Wingates Band is a top quality Championship Band. As a general guideline applicants should be better than Associated Board Grade 8 standard. For players registered with other bands discretion is assured until a mutual decision is made that you will be joining Wingates Band.

As with all championship bands a high level of dedication in attending rehearsals, concerts and contests and maintaining your playing standard is always required. A willingness to learn and improve is a necessary trait in any successful musician and Wingates Band always looks for these qualities in any applicant. Having said that we are a very friendly bunch and there is plenty of laughter as well as serious work in rehearsals 😀.

please apply NOW by calling 07810 712 992

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