I have incorporated a script so that visitors can hear excerpts from our CDs before deciding to buy. I’m also going to make available digital downloads of the CDs which, with the saving in the materials and postage etc. can be a little cheaper for our loyal visitors and Fans.

Below you can see how the layout will look. The three songs already there Will play (truncated versions) and the link to the shop is active but the the shop is not yet ready business but will be soon!

We are looking to get some good Wingates souvenirs for our fans including polo shirts etc. So watch this space – we are sure you’ll be able to find something in our new shop that will make a great gift either for you or a loved one. If anybody has an idea for a Wingates Band souvenir then please get in touch and we’ll certainly give it some thought!


Listen to sample tracks before you buy any CD or digital download. Each individual product has it's own link to sample tracks. Check out these 4 examples.
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