Hi there, here’s a quick update from your new webmaster and solo trombone player Russ.

The band has embarked on rehearsals for the area championships in Blackpool on the 23rd of of February. We got our rehearsal schedule last week and if you ever wondered what it would be like to do two jobs at once and you already work full time then come and join us, I think we could still use a triangle player 🙂 (UPDATE: We need a Timp player for the Areas so if you’re awesome and free then please get in touch!)

If anybody should moan though it’s probably Paul our Musical Director because of course we only have to go to some of the sectional rehearsals where he has to go to them all!

Seriously though the band is in very fine form and properly determined to put on a cracking show at Blackpool this year year so watch out you other guys there’s a battle on 🙂

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