Nyman Brass

Nyman Brass
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Sample Tracks:

My Lord All Pride
Magic Forest

Nyman Brass is a significant release for MN Records in that for the first time a whole album of my music has been given over to musicians other than those who work regularly with me. But more significant is the nature of the music and, especially, the nature of the performers. The Campiello Band and subsequently the Michael Nyman Band might be closer in feel to brass bands than to rock bands, and thus the opportunity to have Michael Nyman Band material arranged for and played Wingates Band is a real pleasure and privilege.

Some of the material was pretty close to brass band music in the first place, the score for Volker Schlondorff's film The Ogre [1996] was originally composed for brass ensemble with saxophones. And since the film was never seen in the UK and the soundtrack album never released here, this is a welcome opportunity to present this work for the first time. The other main sequence of music magically translates - through John Parkinson's expert arrangements and some startlingly sensitive solo cornet playing from Andy MacDonald - the music for Laurance Dunsmore's The Libertine to a totally new medium. The album is completed with familiar Nyman Band classics, In Re Don Giovanni and Chasing sheep is best left to shepherds. 

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